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The Many Conservatives Who Have Flip-Flopped on Trump

The flip-flop has lengthy been understood as a signature act of political betrayal. A politician says one factor after which says the other and tries to steer their constituents the reversal isn’t cynical comfort however rational and admirable evolution on a posh challenge. Very few politicians pull this off efficiently, which is why most have tried to keep away from it even when a change of coronary heart may need been the smarter coverage.

Then got here Donald Trump.

The former president launched a degree of volatility into American politics unseen in trendy historical past. Nowhere was that volatility extra in proof than within the methods folks described Trump himself. Flip-flops grew to become the defining act of the Trump period. His enemies grew to become his allies and vice versa. Gushing encomiums would give manner months or weeks or days later to savage denunciations. Nikki Haley, his one-time cupboard member turned main opponent, has carried out a sequence of gyrations so prolonged she has created a wholly new class: the flip-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop-flip.

All this side-switching, to not point out Trump’s personal self-contradicting responses, has devalued phrases like loyalty and betrayal to the purpose of meaninglessness. But for many who nonetheless care who’s on which workforce, we provide this lengthy however not exhaustive listing of outstanding figures whose versatile views of Trump have given political observers whiplash attempting to comply with the motion.

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