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50 Years Ago: The Launch of Skylab

Yesterday, May 14, marked the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of America’s first house station, Skylab, which took off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on May 14, 1973. The parts of Skylab have been put into orbit over two missions, lifted into house by Saturn V launch automobiles. Three crewed missions spent a complete of 171 days aboard Skylab, operating a whole bunch of experiments. The ultimate crew departed in 1974, and Skylab was left in a parking orbit that decayed quicker than initially anticipated—resulting in international information tales in 1979, when NASA introduced the station’s imminent reentry however couldn’t say for sure the place it would land. On July 11, 1979, NASA engineers fired Skylab’s booster rockets, aiming for the Indian Ocean with partial success, however a quantity of giant chunks did make landfall in Western Australia.

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